I cannot talk about FERN and Dr. Laura without tears coming to my eyes
— K.G.


This past year has been an amazing and enlightening experience for our son & our family, all thanks to FERN. Dr. Laura & her team are very dedicated & committed to the children and families they work with. Our son attends FERN, several times a week, to participate in FILL THE GAP Direct Instruction program to learn the basic foundations in numeracy, reading and comprehension. I really appreciate the science behind these programs. I like how new bits of information are introduced in small increments, while the major concepts are repeated over and over again until mastered.
Our son was also fortunate to receive FERN Therapy Funds that will allow him to participate in the “Writing Without Tears” program through Making Small Talk. We are so grateful to have found FERN and to be part of the FERN Family.
— A.N.


My families experience with FERN has been amazing! Right from the beginning when I had no idea where to start to help my son, Dr. Laura was there with a warm smile and a plethora of information that would help my child’s academic future when it came to Math and Language. FILL THE GAP was a program that helped strengthen the areas in Math and Language that my son missed in his earlier years of learning. It was a learning experience for the whole family, it brought us together and only strengthened us as a whole. Thank you for your help so far and I have and will continue to trust my family with FERN’s resources and programs in the future.
— D.B.


FERN is like no other place – it is warm and welcoming, a calm, relaxing escape – not just a place to go to for information on anything you’ll need to raise your children, but so much more. The guidance, support and direction offered by Dr. Laura Cesaroni and her team is unbelievable! Their dedication to the kids is immediately apparent and the introduction of the Direct Instruction tutoring program has made all the difference in empowering my daughter academically.

We feel very blessed to be a part of this «family », because that is how we are made to feel, and my daughter, who struggles with a number of issues including anxiety absolutely loves her time here! We have taken part in tutoring, social groups, meetings and parties, and have loved every experience! It can be very difficult to find a place to help our children, particulariy ones that fit a budget, but FERN has no contracts or forced commitments which makes it accessible to everyone– I continue to recommend FERN to friends, and all have been really happy!

There should be a FERN in every community – this is exactly what every family with children need. Thank you Dr. Laura, Tina & the FERN family, you have changed and enriched our lives beyond words.
— J.M.

I am extremely grateful to have found FERN for my daughter. Before FERN I felt lost, not knowing what I should be doing for my daughter or how I could best support her. Dr. Laura and all the wonderful staff at FERN have been instrumental in showing me the way.

Dr. Laura has an amazing ability to recognize each child as a unique individual and how to work with his/her weaknesses to bring each to full potential.
My daughter has grown in so many ways since beginning at FERN. Her academics have improved as well as her confidence. She has developed friendships and truly feels part of a family.

I can’t say enough about the positive benefits of FERN. Dr. Laura and Tina both have such a genuine interest in each child’s well-being. They will go above and beyond your expectations to ensure your child has every opportunity to succeed.
— S.S.


We are so grateful to have found FERN and to be part of the FERN Family.
— A.N.


FERN is simply an amazing place, not only for kids, but also for the parents. I felt so much love and genuine care at this place. Every single time when I talked with Laura, I felt hope to keep going. The combination of true Love & extensive Knowledge makes FERN really a unique place! I highly, highly recommend FERN to anyone!!!!!
— V.N.


I’d like to express my gratitude for everything FERN has done for my son. They quickly identified his strengths and needs and promptly had a plan of action. He enjoys working with the student he has been assigned and looks forward to going back each time. The direct instruction used here is well researched and has been very effective with helping turn his needs into his strengths. FERN has also aside from working directly with my son helped direct me to helpful resources/organizations/software programs and even taught me how to use direct instruction with him myself. Dr. Laura also gave me some helpful guidance on advocating for his needs with his school.Thanks again for putting this organization together to help support our children to feel more confident in their abilities and for us as parents to feel more able to teach, advocate and support our children to achieve their very best.
— Y.S.


Laura is the best in the field! She is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. She excels in the areas of social thinking and emotional regulation. FERN is a super organization for families to gain the appropriate supports for their children. I am constantly recommending FERN to others.”
— Shayna Gaunt, Director Kidmechanix


Our teenage daughter started at FERN this year to build her numeracy, literacy and social skills. Dr. Laura Cesaroni and her team created and implemented a learning plan for her. Day by day, her level of confidence and skills are improving, she is growing into an individual who will have the skills to navigate this world. We are thankful for the warm, caring and supportive environment at FERN.
— S.K.