Narrow Conceptions of Ability

This quote is everything 💙

"We need to recognize that children have a huge range of natural abilities and they all have them differently. Our education systems are designed to focus on a small band of those. If you have a narrow conception of ability, you end up with a very big conception of disability or inability."Sir Ken Robinson


I have been meeting with many parents- the issues? "Should we medicate" "He is not focused" "He is melting down" "She is having a hard time socially" "They say he is anxious and needs CBT" "He can't keep up with math" "He is reading 2 years behind his grade level" and on and on and on.....

A mom recently helped me see her child through a different lens....we had a 2-hour meeting. Why do we want to medicate, for weaknesses in the social domain? How will this help him on the playground? He is who he is. He comes to FERN and he is happy and engaged. What does it mean when a child does not fit in emotionally, socially, cognitively in one setting but finds a safe place in another? What or who do we have to "fix"? As Sir Ken Robinson mentions, ALL humans have natural resources - they can stay hidden. It is our responsibility to think hard, dive deep and help the child through this journey without contributing to the distress.LC

Victoria Bevilacqua