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Behaviour is a story. What is the behaviour communicating? Why that behaviour now? What needs understanding? What needs to be taught? Our reactions will determine if we fill the need or remain stuck. Pause. Ask good questions. Be curious. This is what the child needs most.
— Dr. Laura, FERN Founder


Parenting Support

School Advocacy- yes we can help you understand Psychoeducational Reports, IEP’s and IPRC’s. We
have a Parent Advocate who is awesome and can attend meetings with you!

join our Closed Parent Group

DROP-IN to meet us! Look at our materials, educational resources and Self-Reg - The Shanker Method parenting resources and book

attend our FAMILY TALKS


Clinical Support

Searching for more specialized supports and direction? Dr. Laura Cesaroni is a Registerd Psychotherapist and certified in The Shanker Method-Self- Reg. She incorporates a variety of resiliency based methods to support your family. She believes that reducing parenting stress is foundational and can lead individuals and their children on a path to more positive interactions at home and school.
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