Academic Foundations

We had the privilege of working with students for more hours over the summer. If you know about our FILL THE GAP program, we combine Direct Instruction curriculum with Precision Teaching methods to produce even more dramatic progress in basic academic areas including phonemic awareness, reading, mathematics, writing, reasoning, spelling and handwriting.

If your child is falling behind in school, our specialized educational tutoring services can improve skills dramatically. Or, if you want to jump start your child’s education, our services can help. We use only the most effective, research based methods for teaching new academic skills and for improving poor academic performance. We build fluency that translates directly to skill development and improving poor academic performance.

FERN utilizes the most effective curriculum available. In the largest experiment ever conducted, Project Follow Through, which spanned nearly 30 years and cost 1 billion dollars, found the Direct Instruction curriculum to be the most effective of all programs studied in enhancing students’ academic, cognitive, and affective skills (click here for more info on Direct Instruction).

We provide individualized, targeted remediation with your child. These specialized tutoring services are extremely different from homework help, typically provided in homes.  All our students are monitored daily.  The programs are rigorous and demanding – and ENGAGING. Instructors are trained in the methods, providing fast-paced and reinforcing lessons. Many children actually look forward to their sessions. Why? Because they can see their growth daily and they feel COMPETENT! We blend personal development with learning.

This summer we trialed a number of new elements at FERN.  It was a true pleasure to see our students engaged in art, movement and music.  We want to continue these programs and offer them as drop-ins.  Colouring with our art therapist was particularly interesting. We had parents, instructors and children engaged in a beautiful mural.  The 1st floor of the heritage house was a perfect setting – sun and warmth streaming through our windows. The students were focused and mindful- taking time to colour, using a variety of materials. Layering colour and working towards a beautiful outcome.  Adults worked side by side with the students- making emotional attachments.  This is the foundation of all relationships, especially when teaching.

Integrating academics/learning with personal development is the key at FERN. Benefits include:

  • nurturing trust and relationships
  • encouragement and motivation for your child
  • school advocacy
  • self-management skill development
  • problem solving, thinking skills
  • feeling listened to and understood
  • understanding self-regulation
  • coping skills for anxiety, fear, sadness

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our academic tutoring programs, rates, or to set up a meeting with your child to discuss if our program is right for you-we would love to hear from you.

   FREE RESOURCE: Click here for an indepth look at one of our handwriting methods- ScopeAndSequence. This document will download as a PDF. Although this is only a sample, it will help you understand how these resources can inform and be extremely valuable for lesson planning and instruction.  There is so much you can be doing at home, and we have the resources to help.

Laura Cesaroni

Victoria Bevilacqua