Family Talks Minutes - July 14th

THURSDAY JULY 14TH, 2016 @ 7:00pm

  • Dr Laura introduces group to “FT” & Kay Goodnough as FERN Parent Liaison -Kay speaks about shared experiences & FERN as a home.
  • Kay’s daughter speaks about her experiences at FERN and support she gets
  • Dr Laura asks group to put ideas on post it notes: Self – regulation, child programs, social opportunities, parent resources, high schools, dealing with school administration, assistance interpreting IEP and reports
  • Problems with first email sent to group- suggestion to split large email group into small
  • question raised by Dr Laura as to why families come to FERN chats- conversation around learning opportunities and building social circles. Group indicates that this is difficult at school or if you are new to an area
  • comments around CCAC- some families have no idea about funds available and some schools do not let families know about it
  • conversation about what to do when kids just say “no” (non-compliance), “screaming matches between parents and child”
  • discussion around value of homework
  • question about need for children to experience success in the case of a ‘shut down learner’- Dr Laura talks about parents being a ‘behaviour detective’- look for stressors in # of domains
  • other issues arise in discussion
    • lack of programs for parents and children – group discuss Richmond Hill Scouts- 8th troop
    • Long term implications of psych reports, difficult jargon of reports
    • Ongoing “FT”- suggestion that opportunity for social after discussion -verbal consent given by group to share ideas and discussions to email community
  • Meeting ends @ 8:20pm
Victoria Bevilacqua