FERN Therapy Funds

We are in our second year of programs, workshops and drop-ins. It has been a year of learning and listening. One thing we know for sure is that our members are extremely committed to finding the best support and services for their children. We have invited our members to talk and engage. One program we have devoted a lot of effort on is our Fill The Gap Remediation program – parent meetings, surveys and professional consultations and training! We are so excited that many of our members are taking the opportunity to learn more about the curriculum and teaching methodologies and beginning to apply them at home.

In 2014, given the success of this program, we were able to offer our first funding opportunity to one of our FERN families. This allowed us to remediate in more areas of need. We are so pleased with this students progress- that we are committed to building this fund and supporting more students in the future.

Currently we have 2 more students who are receiving Therapy Funds – this will allow them to “fill the gaps” in literacy and numeracy much more quickly.

Please inquire about this fund – we do have a wait list started for 2016.

Dr. Laura Cesaroni- Founder

Victoria Bevilacqua