Saturday Mornings - The Yoga Kids

Our Saturday yoga program was such a hit! We will be starting a new session  January 20th, 2018. This is a small friendly class led by Jyoti from The Yoga Kids. Contact us if you would like more details about yoga @ FERN.

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Jyoti leads a wonderful class for children, her approach is gentle and warm and her passion for yoga is evident. Jyoti's class offers children the opportunity to learn simple poses and breathing techniques. As well as teaching these techniques, Jyoti encourages the children to use them as tools to self regulate and self love.

S.S., FERN parent

Thank you Jyoti, Dr. Laura, and Tina, for bringing this unique and restorative opportunity to the kids at FERN!  My daughter has loved every session - the ambiance, the activities and the kids made for a time where my daughter could relax, breathe and feel a renewed sense of joy!  She was always so happy to go, and returned home with a big smile on her face and ready to face her day!  I'm so glad The Yoga Kids program will be returning for the winter session!!!  We are really looking forward to it!!!

I can't recommend this program enough for every child (and adult)!!!

J.M., FERN parent

Saturday morning and The Yoga Kids was a real memory maker for me. Watching the girls get physically stronger by learning  challenging yoga poses was pretty awesome in itself. Having attempted a few very basic poses I know what seems to be a simple stretch is not as easy as it appears. So watching Ella who has very low muscle tone doing yoga was incredible.  But, perhaps the most “awe” inspiring was witnessing this physically strength through a state of complete and utter mental calmness alertness and focus. For me it truly was a “wow” moment! I could feel my eyes tear up listening to all the girls chant the rhythmic  melody of their daily affirmations. With each affirmation their physical strength was more and more apparent.

I Am Happy,  I am Good.

I Am Happy, I am Good.

I Am, I Am, I am Free,

Happy , Happy , Happy to be Me.

Talk about girl power!!!!!

K.G., FERN parent

Victoria Bevilacqua