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FERN is a  not-for-profit community organization offering mental health and wellness counseling, social programs, school advocacy and academic remediation for families in York Region.

As a not-for-profit organization, we are concerned with generating enough revenue to provide support to our community. Any money made by a FERN is not for the personal gain of the FERN founder, team or board, but goes back into the organization to further our aim to provide specialized support and services for families.


How can you help?



FERN Membership helps generate revenue for the services it provides to the community and offset expenses.

An annual fee of $125.00 contributes to :

  • FERN FUNDS (service subsidies for FERN members)
  • sliding scales for families in need
  • office supplies and photocopying reports for family files
  • specialized resources and online curriculum
  • subsidize costs of social programs, speaker's fees and seasonal events
  • subsidize costs of parenting events - "FAMILY TALKS"
  • FERN healthy snack bar
  • lending library of educational materials

We want to be able to support everyone; some individuals may qualify for reduced membership rates, please inquire.



we don't want anyone to be denied our help due to financial restrictions

you can help...

alot, with any amount!

  • $5-$20 donation buys games, LEGO/Building toys/Playmobile for FERN
  • $50 donation buys healthy snacks for a month
  • $55 donation buys one FILL THE GAP session
  • $120 donation pays for an intake and Direct Instruction assessment
  • $100 donation allows a Music Therapist to facilitate one session at our afterschool program
  • $150 one Art Therapy session
  • $500 donation pays for a month of FILL THE GAP for a child in need of support (2 hours/week)


Interested in becoming a Fern volunteer?





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Although as a not for profit we are able to give receipts to donors for business reasons we are not a registered charity therefore these receipts are not tax deductible.