Staying With The Emotions

Last week I used the image of a snowglobe to explain "staying with the emotion" rather than “pushing through it" or thinking that "I can control this…I can stop this feeling".

Snowflakes falling are kind of like emotions. Sometimes they come in a flurry, all very different and mixed up. Imagine if you wanted to stop them? Shaking the globe would only create more chaos. It's impossible to stop the flurry by using force.

Well, our emotions are kind of like this. Wait, pause, notice, observe. Make room for the emotions. The snowflakes will settle, softly. It will take patience and a different understanding. It is not easy, but there will be calm after they settle. You will slowly notice small changes, emotions and thoughts will begin to fall softly.

Help children settle, softly, when they are in a flurry or struggling. Self-Reg* will support your understanding.

Dr. Laura Cesaroni

*Read more about The Shanker Method & Self-Reg in our earlier Blog The Girl in Red

Tina Cesaroni