Social programming at FERN is always in demand. We listen to our families and try to offer programming that is not available to them in their communities.

Art has been top of our list for March Break, Summer Camp and after school. We have been blessed with so many talented artist who have come to support us- Christina, Kim, Karen to name a few. This fall we were so fortunate to have Caroline Doyle Keane facilitate a small group of kids on Tuesdays after school.

‘Channelling your Inner Creative’ was our theme for this 9 week program. After school saw a few tired kids join with minds full of their days events. Drop ins were encouraged as well. Reluctance, unease and some tension was brought to the table. It didn’t take long for Caroline to draw the kids into the experience. I joked with Caroline that she was not unlike Mary Poppins with her bags full of endless goodies. Mixed media made for a new art project each week. Masterpieces which uniquely represented each child inner creative style resulted. After the kid’s left Caroline and I reflected on the transformative power of art.

I joined Caroline and the kids each week to offer an extra set of hands. By the 3rd class I realized that I was joining as a participant as I indulged in the 90 mins of magic that Caroline created for us.

I think Picasso had it right when he said, ‘Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life’. What more could we ask for for our kids then to reduce the stress of everyday life by coming together with peers and sharing an hour of self expression. We believe in building relationships @ FERN and I want to thank Caroline for showing us how art is the perfect medium for doing just that.

Tina Cesaroni