Beeswax, Baking & Beauty ... Oh My!

Have you ever been to Cedar Valley?

It’s a wonderful community tucked away between the trees north of  Stouffville and it’s where I found myself with long time FERN member Jennie M. last week. We were on our way to visit the Holy Theotokos Convent where preparations were well underway for their Holiday Season Sale. Last year Jennie came to FERN with arm loads of fresh goods, candles, soaps and more.

The minute you arrive you know you are somewhere special. Formerly a Magna retreat the convent now houses 4 nuns who run a thriving business, Joyous Lights, year round. The candle factory is amazing. Using some  20,000 kg of beeswax a year they churn out thousands of candles to the public and churches through the year.

IMG_6143-225x300 (1).jpg
IMG_6141-225x300 (1).jpg

Thank you to Jennie for bringing me to such a special place & to Sister Irene who I found so kind. Oh did I mention that I went back 3 days later to get more stuff with my mum? 

Below is a link to CBC article if you want to learn more:

Tina C.

Victoria Bevilacqua