Family Talks Survey

At FERN  we strive to meet our community’s needs. Collecting data and looking for direction is important to us. “FAMILY TALKS” is a monthly support group for our parents. In November we examined IEP more closely with a past member of the TCDSB. Below you will find the results of our survey:

“FAMILY TALKS” Survey Results-November 2016

  • The results of the survey are intended to provide feedback from our clients regarding FERN’s “FAMILY TALKS” initiative. The results of the survey are as follows:
  • With respect to the question regarding topics are interesting and relevant the survey participants answered 100%.
  • Regarding scheduling of “FAMILY TALKS”, 89% of the survey participants were happy. Others suggested Saturday mornings as an alternative. FERN should consider offering some “FAMILY TALKS” on alternative days of the week so all families are able to participate.
  • The question relating to socializing with other parents offered a more varied response. The results indicated that 62.5 % of parents were interested in interacting with others before and after. 25 % were interested in socializing before. And only 12.5 % were interested in interaction after “FAMLY TALKS”. This data would suggest that the majority of the families enjoy engaging in discussions with other families both before and after if given the opportunity.
  • 87.5% of the participants felt communication about “FAMILY TALKS was appropriate.
  • 78%indicated that the handouts given were useful.
  • 88.9% of survey participants felt that the duration of “FAMILY TALKS “was appropriate.
  • The question regarding FERN membership revealed that only 62.5 % were FERN members and 22% were interested in finding out about FERN membership. This data would suggest that there is potential to increase membership.
  • 100% of the survey participants would recommend “FAMILY TALKS” to others.

Our next “FAMILY TALKS” is a social on Thursday Dec. 8th @ 7:00pm.Why not join us? Follow this link for more information or just give us a call.

Victoria Bevilacqua