Blue is ready to meet his friends!

“Some things fill your heart without even trying.”

Blue is 6 weeks old. He will be joining us on our last day of  FILL THE GAP program on Monday June 26th. Blue will then be with us for summer and fall programming. He is a very special bunny – Dwarf Netherland. His temperament is calm, loving and sweet. He loves to be held and to spend time tucked into hands, on your chest to hear your heart beating and on laps. His name is special- it relates to his colour and to the self-regulation we are all learning at FERN (think of the blue brain and blue energy). With Blue, co-regulation is important and he can help us on our journey. We can support Blue in regulating his energy and tension and Blue can help us all with our energy and tension. We are so delighted to have Blue join us in our programs.?

Victoria Bevilacqua