Let’s Re-Enchant Children with the Natural World


What do you do when you need restorative time? Go to a yoga class? Color? Knit? Have a glass of wine? These all work for me but none as much as connecting with nature.

So when Outdoor Educator Julia Morch knocked on our door at FERN we were all ears. Julia is the sort of person who you spend 15 mins with and you immediately find yourself paying closer attention to your thoughts, being mindful of your answers and entering an alternative reality.

Julia comes with years of experiences. Using nature as a backdrop she has guided youth and helped them increase their sense of empowerment, strengthen their resiliency, expand their self-image, and reduce their vulnerability to stress and depression.

Laura and I were interested. This spoke to our deep familiarity of Richard Louv’s ’Nature Deficit Disorder’, and the urgency to connect children directly to the natural world.
After much brainstorming we came up with a hike in the York Region Forest in Stouffville. Away from screens and technology on a Saturday morning.
July 8th @ 9:45am to be exact!
Are you interested?
Here is what we hope to achieve:
Through collaboration and connection in nature, to come together to make friends in a dynamic changing shared experience .
We hope you can join us. If you can’t don’t worry …it’s just the start. We plan to have a long relationship with Julia and the outdoors.
Let’s get re enchanted with nature together.

Many of you have already expressed your interest. Please send me an email so I can follow up with a map and further details:
Fee: $30/child, $15/accompanying parent
Parent involvement is optional. Laura and I will also be on the hike.


Victoria Bevilacqua