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When 25% of the graduates of our school systems cannot read, write, spell and do math, it is clear that nobody is minding the store. If industry posted such flawed production numbers, there would be mass firings starting at the top. Teachers do not get fired for not teaching successfully. You can however be let go if you teach too successfully. I know. It actually happened to me and my special education colleagues. We spent 4 years working with special education teachers. In the fourth year, parents began to ask to have their child in the regular fifth grade class transferred into our special needs program because the special needs sibling could read, write, spell and do math better than the fifth grader could.
— Michael Maloney, author of "Teach Your Children Well"

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Our FILL THE GAP tutoring program was created to address a growing need in students with attention and learning challenges - these students need to learn the basic foundations in numeracy, reading, comprehension and oral language. Without mastery and fluency in basic skills, students will be unable to master the more complex learning objectives in our school system - school failure is real. We use Direct Instruction Curriculum (DI) and other research based curriculum.


Learning & Well-Being


Nurturing safety, trust and relationships

Scaffolding environment and task which reduces stress in the learner’s experience

Calm, focused learning, using Self-Reg tools and process

Raising the bar and presuming competencies in ALL

Trained specialists in psychology, special education and mental health


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